Articles About the Oberlin Violin Makers Workshop

STRINGS Magazine, April, 2006
OPEN STUDIO, Luthiers loosen up at the Oberlin Violin Making Workshop, by Patrick Sullivan

THE STRAD Magazine, November, 2003
NOCTERNAL ACTIVITIES, The complex blend of camaraderie, community spirit and midnight purfling, by John Dilworth

STRINGS Magazine, April, 2008
OPEN SECRET, At the Oberlin Violin Makers workshop, the key ingredient in building great violins just might be friendship, by Erin Shrader

THE STRAD Magazine, November, 2012
COLLECTIVE GOOD, Oberlin’s summer lutherie workshops attract makers from around the world, by Ariane Todes and Raymond Schryer

LIBRARY OF CONGRESS WELCOMES THE ‘Stradivarius Oberlinenfis’, Who knew that violin makers could be so collegial and cooperative?, by Laurie Niles

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