The Table


The same spirit of comradeship and sharing that occurs in the workshop, extends to the dining room and the kitchen.  In the workhshop it’s “Everyone teaches, everyone learns”.  At dinner it’s “Everyone cooks, everyone eats”.

TheTable3-300x300At the beginning of the session each participant contributes to the food fund and a schedule of daily teams is put together.  Each team plans a dinner for each weekday evening.  All team members act as food preparers, kitchen staff, food servers, dishwashers and cleanup crew for the rest of the participants.  In recent years each participant has only needed to serve on one team.  It’s not surprising that dinners are excellent.

There are staff members who help TheTable2-300x300coordinate scheduling and food purchasing, perform some set-up in the mornings, and act as a lubricant to smooth the experience for everyone.

A breakfast buffet is provided out of the food fund and includes coffee, tea, juice, milk, cold cereal, hard-boiled eggs, fresh fruit, and bread or toast. Lunches are on your own, but everyone is encouraged to use up the leftovers from the previous evening’s meal.  Everyone is expected to clean up after themselves.  Personal food restrictions and considerations are taken into account.


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